NetDzine Intelliport

What is Intelliport?

Intelliport is Network Access Control solution currently offered on Extreme Networks switching hardware. It automates the configuration of edge switch ports as devices are connected. 

Automate your network

Realise the benefits of a self configuring network. Spend you time on more proactive projects and stop firefighting

Time saving

You no longer need to configure your network every time an office move takes place. How much time do you spend on changes to switch port configuration?

Zero mistakes

The switches are configured 100% correctly every time, removing human error

Greater Security

How many times have you had users plug different devices into ports without first informing you? The network now secures itself even when you're not there


Managed by Active Directory

Manage your switches through your own Active Directory. No need to purchase complicated third party software

How Intelliport works

Intelliport is a Network Access Control solution that automates the configuration of switch ports as end user devices are connected. Your existing Active Directory is used as the configuration platform for the system. This service is currently only offered with Extreme Networks switches.

This is popular with those who are familiar with Microsoft Active Directory as it requires no interaction with third party software.


As a device is connected to a switch port, it is identified through a combination of either MAC address or 802.1X. If the device is not known to Intelliport the device is marked as unknown. 


Once the device has been identified, appropriate authorisation takes place assigning the device into the correct role. If the device was unknown a default "guest" or "denied" role will be assigned.


Switch ports are automatically configured binding the device into the appropriate VLAN based on its assigned role. NOTE: Multiple simultaneous devices are supported. e.g. computer connected to a deskphone then into switch.  Both will connect to different VLANs without the need to be preconfigured.


Your switch ports are now automated and self configuring meaning your network is secure, while permitting guest access if desired.

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