ExtremeWireless Cloud Troubleshooting

Training - In-Person/Remote

ExtremeWireless Cloud - Troubleshooting

You will learn how to troubleshoot wireless networks using ExtremeCloud IQ. This knowledge is reinforced through hands-on experience with networking equipment in a lab environment, where you will perform real world tasks.
The class is a fast paced, fault-based scenario lab which immerses the student in real life situations requiring fault diagnosis and remedial actions. It provides students with the information and skills necessary to troubleshoot common WLAN issues using ExtremeCloud IQ tools and networking solutions.

Associated Certification Course Duration Delivery Method Mandatory Prerequisites

ExtremeWireless Cloud - Troubleshooting


2 Days • Classroom Instructor-led training

• Virtual Instructor-led training
ExtremeWireless Cloud - Installation and Configuration certification is a mandatory pre-requisite and must be completed before registering for ExtremeWireless Cloud - Troubleshooting.


Who Should Attend

This course is for networking professionals responsible for supporting and troubleshooting wireless LAN networks. This course is an advanced level class building upon the student’s real working experiences with ExtremeCloud™ IQ.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to:

  • Troubleshoot wireless networks
  • Use logs and troubleshooting files
  • Explain Co-operative Control Protocols, and CAPWAP and Provisioning
  • Use the troubleshooting tools in ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Setup SSH Proxy
  • Use the Client Monitor


  • How to Troubleshoot
  • Introduction to ExtremeWireless Cloud Troubleshooting
  • Tech Data, Netdump, KDDR Logs, and Rebooting
  • Co-operative Control Protocols
  • CAPWAP and Provisioning
  • RF Troubleshooting
  • Network Performance Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • Authentication and Roaming
  • Private pre-shared key (PPSK)
  • Private Pre-Shared Key Troubleshooting Tools
  • Client Monitor
  • SSH Proxy


This course provides access to take the associated official Extreme Networks Certification Exam